Coming November 2024 (HQ Digital)

Six years ago, Tweety came home from work to find her husband Dodge had left, taking their child with him. Utterly broken, Tweety vows that she will do anything to get her baby back.

After years following a trail of breadcrumbs, finally: a lead. Someone looking just like Dodge stays at the same run-down motel for the motorcycle rally every year without fail. This time things will be different. This time his ex-wife is a few steps ahead of him.

Tweety takes a job at the front desk. Between the unmentionables she finds in the rooms and the incessant catcalling, it’s the worst job in the world. When Dodge arrives, he acts just like himself: arrogant and obnoxious, but pretends he doesn’t know her.

There’s a booster seat in the back of his car. No sign of a child. But Tweety doesn’t care.

She has a goal and she’ll stop at nothing to get her son back. Catch Dodge. Make him pay for what he did to her. Live happily ever after.